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Why doesn't the webcam streaming work for my self-hosted server?

  1. Switch to using the Obico Cloud to see if the streaming starts to work now. If it doesn't, go through the webcam streaming troubleshooting guide for the Obico Cloud.

Because all the Pro features for the Obico Cloud are also available for the self-hosted servers, self-hosted servers are eligible for the Premium Streaming.

  1. If the streaming works in the Obico Cloud, but not in your self-hosted server, the problem is with how you set up the self-hosted server.

  2. Does the Basic Streaming work? Start a test print. If the webcam streaming starts to show up, the Basic Streaming works.

  3. If the Basic Streaming doesn't work, go checkout the plugin log file to see if there are any errors.

  4. If the Basic Streaming works, but the Premium Streaming doesn't, go checkout why the Premium Streaming doesn't work

Why doesn't the Premium Streaming work?

The Premium Streaming is based on the WebRTC protocol. WebRTC is an interesting network protocol that is very susceptible to network configurations.

If you are not getting the Premium Streaming in your self-hosted server, the first step is to link your printer to the Obico Cloud and test it there (your first month on the Obico Cloud is a free trial of Premium Streaming. No credit card required.). If the streaming doesn't work in the cloud, you need to follow this troubleshooting guide to figure it out.

If the Premium Streaming works in the Obico Cloud but not in your self-hosted server, chances are there are some problems with your server's network configurations.

At the minimum, your server's firewall should have the following rules allowed:

  • Inbound - port 3334 or whatever port your reverse proxy is on. If your server is on http.
  • If you are using a reverse proxy, make sure it proxies WebSocket protocol.
  • Outbound -
  • UDP port 3478.
  • UDP port 5349.
  • UDP port range 20000-24999.

But having all these firewall rules in place still doesn't guarantee the Premium Streaming. If you feel adventurous, Google "WebRTC network configuration requirements" for more details.

I got an HTTP 500 error when I do "Sent test email". Why?

More likely than not, it's because your email configurations are set incorrectly.

Check out this help guide for how you can configure email (SMTP) for the Obico Server. There are also a few things you can do to troubleshoot:

  1. Run docker compose exec web env | grep EMAIL to confirm the email configurations have been correctly picked up by the Obico Server.
  2. Run docker compose logs -f web when you press the "Sent test email" button and look for the specific error messages.