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Basic server configuration

This is the bare minimum configuration required for the server to be reasonably useful.

Django Site

Obtain server's IP address

The Obico Server needs to have an IP address that is accessible by OctoPrint or Klipper. It can be an private IP address (192.168.x.y, etc) but there needs to be a route between OctoPrint and the Obico Server.

Login as Django admin

  1. Open Django admin page at http://your_server_ip:3334/admin/.

Note: If the browser complains "Can't connect to the server", wait for a couple more minutes. The web server container may still be starting up.

  1. Login with username, password supersecret. Once logged in, you can optionally (but highly encouraged to) change the admin password using this link: http://your_server_ip:3334/admin/app/user/1/password/.

Configure Django site

  1. In the same browser window, go to the address http://your_server_ip:3334/admin/sites/site/1/change/. Change "Domain name" to your_server_ip:3334. No "http://", "https://" prefix or trailing "/", otherwise it will NOT work. Note: Deleting the original site and adding a new one won't work, thanks to the quirkiness of Django site.

  2. Click "Save". Yes it's correct that Django is not as smart as most people think. ;)

Site configuration

Note: If you are using reverse proxy, "Domain name" needs to be set to reverse_proxy_ip:reverse_proxy_port. See using a reverse proxy for details.

Email (SMTP)

The following is using gmail as an example. Other web mail services may vary slightly, such as EMAIL_PORT

  1. In obico-server directory, make a copy of dotenv.example and rename the copy as .env.

  2. Open .env using your favorite editor.

  3. Find the following lines, and set them to the correct values of your email account:

EMAIL_HOST="your_email_host_here"  # Such as ""
EMAIL_HOST_USER="your_email_user_here" # Such as your email address for a Gmail account
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD="your_email_password_here" # Your email account password
EMAIL_PORT=587 # Check with your email provider to make sure. DO NOT surround it with quotes. Otherwise email won't be sent!
EMAIL_USE_TLS="True" # Set it to 'False' if your email provider doesn't use TLS, which is uncommon
  1. Restart the server docker-compose up --build -d.

If you run into issues with Email server settings, please follow this Email server trouble-shooting guide.

Advanced server configuration

Ready for some advanced server chops? Feel free to dive into the advanced server stuff.

If you don't need to add a new environment variable


If you need to add a new environment variable