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Advanced Topics

Configure Obico Server using .env

You can further configure Obico Server using the .env file.


Configuring Obico Server using the .env file is for advanced users. If incorrectly configured, Obico Server may not start up or function correctly.

  1. In obico-server directory, make a copy of dotenv.example and rename the copy as .env. If you are on a Linux the server, run cp dotenv.example .env.

The .env file name is NOT a typo. Please don't name the file env. Otherwise Obico Server won't try to read that file.

  1. Open .env using your favorite editor.

  2. Go through the lines in the file, and remove the leading # on the lines that you intend to change. Please do NOT remove the leading # on any line that you don't understand or don't intend to change. It may cause unexpected server behaviors.

Other advanced server setups