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Configure Obico for OctoPrint to use self-hosted server

Before you can configure Obico for OctoPrint plugin to use your own server, you need add a printer to The Spaghetti Detective server you just built and obtain the 6-digit Verification Code for that. To do so:

  1. Pointing your browser to http://your_server_ip:3334.

  2. Log in as a user (you can just login with but it's more secure to use a non-admin user).

  3. Add a new printer as described in this guide and obtain the 6-digit Verification Code. Note: Do it on your own server, not on the Obico cloud.

Then, navigate to octoprint to setup the plugin side of things:

  1. Make sure that you have installed the Obico for OctoPrint plugin.

  2. After restarting, go through the wizard as described in the setup guide, until you are at the last step that asks for the 6-digit Verification Code. Note: If Obico for OctoPrint plugin has been installed before and you do not see the wizard, click here.

  3. Expand "Advanced Server Configuration". Find and change the Server Address to http://your_server_ip:3334 (use https:// if you have HTTPS configured, if you aren't sure, just use http://). You MUST include the "http://".

Change server address

  1. Enter in your code and octoprint should automatically link to your printer!

  2. Give you printer a fancy name and enjoy Obico!