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Hardware requirements

The Obico Server runs a powerful Machine Learning model that requires a device powerful enough to run it. And by powerful, we mean most anything from the last decade.

Single Board Computers


This is an incomplete list. Only tested / known devices are included.

DeviceCan run Obico
Raspberry Pi (any model)
Latte Panda
Jetson Nano 2gb
Jetson Nano 4gb

PC's (and laptops)

If it has at least 4gb of RAM, it should run fine.

CPUOne that can run a modern OS. CPU's as old as 4th Gen Intel have been able to run Obico just fine.
GPUNVidia-based GPU is optional but nice to have. It can greatly improve the number of printers the server can handle.
RAMYou should have at least 4gb of DDR3 ram, but the more the better.
OSEither Windows, Linux, or MacOS X will work. The OS version should be recent enough to run Docker. For older devices, Linux is highly recommended.
RGBHighly recommended. The more your PC looks like a christmas tree, the more FPS you will have (sarcasm)