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Run Obico Server on NVIDIA Jetson Nano

If you follow this guide and run into problems, please seek help at:


Hardware requirements

Obico private server can only run on Jetson Nano 4GB model. The 2GB model doesn't have enough memory to run both the program and load the AI model in the memory.

Software requirements

Important: Before you flash new software on your sd card, you will have to fully format it first, so make sure you have backed up anything important on an external device.

The following software is required before you start installing the server:

Email delivery

You will also need an email account that has SMTP access enabled. For a gmail account, this is how you enable SMTP access. Other web mail such as Yahoo should also work but we haven't tried them.

Get the code and start the server.

  1. Get the code:
git clone -b release
  1. Run it!
cd obico-server
  1. Go grab a coffee. Step 2 will take 15-30 minutes.

  2. There is no step 4. This is how easy it is to get the Obico Server up and running (thanks to Docker and Docker-compose).

Continue to server configuration the main documentation

Thanks to the work of Raymond, LyricPants, and others for their contribution!