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Contribute to the Obico project

We believe the future of 3D printing is Smart Printing. But we don't believe this future will be built on top of a proprietary system. We are makers. We know all too well that the collective contribution from the entire community is the best way to achieve innovation!

Contribute to Obico and leave your own footprint on the journey to Smart 3D Printing. Tell your children and grandchildren: "Look how amazing the 3D printers are - this is the part that I built!"

There are many different ways to contribute to the Obico project.

Write some awesome help docs!

Believe it or not: you don't have to be a code ninja to be able to contribute to Obico. As a matter of fact, our need for help on writing documentation is more urgent than that on writing code.

And we have made it simple for you. One each of the Obico help document, you can find a "Edit this page" link at the bottom. It only takes a click to start your contribution to the Obico help docs!

Write some awesome code!

We are still a tiny team and we need a lot of help to churn out the code as quickly as we can.

The skill sets we need the most are:

Web backend

  • Python.
  • Django.
  • OctoPrint plugin development.
  • Moonraker plugin development.
  • Deep Learning (Object Detection).

Web frontend

  • Javascript.
  • HTML 5.
  • CSS.
  • Vue.


  • React Native
  • iOS (Swift or Obj-C)
  • Android (Kotlin or Java)

Our source code repos

Help fellow makers in the community!

Join thousands of other makers on our Discord server!

Countless Obico community members joined our Discord server when they needed help at the beginning, and received helping hands from others. When they got a hang of setting up/configuring Obico, they turned around to help other new comers.

Do some awesome testing and report bugs!

All bugs are shallow given enough eyeballs! Help us test and report bugs whenever you find them. Not only can you get your problems fixed faster this way, other users in the similar situation as yours will benefit too.

There are a few ways to help us with testing. They range from very casual to very committed. Pick one that fits your current life priorities.

1. Go to our Discord server and yell at us.

We mean it. We are eager to hear about our problems so that we can fix them and improve the app! Nobody's ego will get bruised.

2. Submit a github issue.

Go to one our github issue pages and click "New Issue" button.

3. Become our beta testers.

Want to help us beta test the mobile app, or the Obico Server, and gain early access to the new features before they are live? You've got it. Just email us and we will get you started.

Suggest some awesome features!

Let us know your vision about what a Smart 3D Printer should look like! You can make your suggestions in the channels as bug reporting.

Spread the love!

Finally, spread the love to other makers who haven't heard of us. Your maker friends. Your local maker community or make space. On Reddit or in the Facebook groups you are in.

Also, don't forget about following us and liking us on the social media:

Star our github repos

Buy us a coffee

We gulp down a lot of caffeine for some mysterious reason. ;)