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Self-hosted Obico Server Guides

You don't need to be a programmer, or a superman, to self-host an Obico Server. However, the following skills are highly desired:

  • A basic understanding on how Docker container works.
  • Basic knowledge about Linux command lines. All Obico Docker containers are built from Linux images.
    • If you are hosting your Obico Server on a Window system, you will also need to know how to use Window commands or Windows PowerShell.
  • A solid understanding on networking - IP addresses, port, routing, firewall, DNS, etc. Obico is an open-source project to connect all 3D Printers. So networking is at the core of the project.

Other resources


The following resources were created by the Obico community members, but not directly maintained by the Obico Team and Contributors. They may be outdated, and should be used at user discretion. Always cross-check commands and instructions used with those located on this repo.*