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Premium Streaming vs Basic Streaming

There are a few critical differences between the Premium Streaming and the Basic Streaming:

Premium StreamingBasic Streaming
EligibilityPro subscribers onlyFree users
Frame rateUp to 25 FPS (frames per second)Up to 5 FPS (frames per second)
ThrottleAlways available. No any throttle or limitation.Throttled for 30 seconds every minute *
  • The Basic Streaming plays the video for up to 30 seconds at a time. You will need to wait for another 30 seconds before you can resume the video.

The Premium Streaming in Obico is based on H.264 video encoding, which is highly efficient in network bandwidth.

Whereas the Basic Streaming in OctoPrint is based on M-JPEG encoding, which uses 5x more network bandwidth and mobile data.


The Premium Streaming uses a great amount of resources on the Obico Server, such as the cloud storage and the network bandwidth. This is why we can make it available only to the Pro subscribers.