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A detailed analysis of the security incident last night

· 6 min read

I screwed up. It was the first security breach The Spaghetti Detective has had in 2 years of her existence. But it was an embarrassing one that I can't forgive myself for.

What happened?

I made a stupid mistake last night when I re-configured TSD cloud to make it more efficient and run faster. My mistake created a security vulnerability for about 8 hours. The users who happened to be linking a printer at that time were able to see each other's printer through auto-discovery, and were able to link to them too! We were notified of a case in which a user started a print on someone else's printer.

73 users got impacted as a result. It's not a huge number. There are bugs that impact a lot more users. But the consequence is very severe. Nobody wants his/her own printers being linked to and controlled by another account.

I created The Spaghetti Detective to let all 3D printing hobbyists have a way to safely monitor their printers from everywhere. And this is one of the worst mistakes I can make. My sincere apologies to our community for this horrible mistake.

Project proposal - 3D printing problem detection using sound

· 3 min read

The Detective has done a really good job at spotting, well, spaghetti for all of us! Kudos to her! However, there is only 1 problem: her hearing is no good. This small birth defect means:

  • She can't detect anything that she can't see, such as the clicking sound when a step motor stalls.
  • She can't detect anything that she can't see clearly. This means she usually needs to wait at least a few minutes for the spaghetti monster to fully reveal itself before she can catch it.

This is why we came up with a bold idea - if we fix The Detective's hearing, she will be able to catch the criminals earlier, or catch the ones she would otherwise miss!

Fun project with NVIDIA Jetson Nano - AI failure detection for 3D printing

· 4 min read

The Spaghetti Detective uses AI (Deep Learning) to detect 3D printing failures. Compared to a CPU that runs in most PCs, GPU is much faster and more power-efficient at running the Deep Learning model in TSD. GPUs are commonly found in gaming PCs. However, even an entry-level gaming that can run TSD private server can easily set you back $1,000+. Ouch!

Are there an inexpensive GPUs that can be used to run TSD private server? Yes! NVIDIA Jetson Nano is a popular option among people who run TSD private servers. It is a single board computer so it can run TSD private server all by itself. The best part? It's quite affordable. Even if you throw in other things such as power supply, NVIDIA Jetson Nano will let you run TSD private server with less than $150!

If you are one of the people who want to jump on the Deep Learning bandwagon by doing a fun project, and you don't want to break the bank, follow along!

Easy Way to 3D Scan and Print with Photogrammetry

· 4 min read

Some context: Photogrammetry is a term coined in 1867 by a Prussian architect (hence the difficult pronunciation). It is a science that uses photos to understand information about the object(s) present. A specific use case is to use multiple pictures in determining the geospatial relationship of the same object(s) across a series of photographs, then produce a 3D model from that understanding.

And here is where I come in:

I first heard about photogrammetry from this YouTube video by CG Geek. It seemed like it might be something I could do, so I decided to try it out! I recently acquired a Creality Ender 5 Pro that I wanted to try more fun stuff with. To take this to the next level, I bought a direct drive kit from Micro Swiss in order to use NinjaFlex but you can do this same concept with a stock 3D printer and other filament.

3D Printing for Mother’s Day

· 3 min read

TSD has no affiliation with the linked sites or organizations mentioned in this article and is not compensated in any form for linking to them.

Mothers are, ultimately, the best “makers” on this planet. I write this from the vantage point of a man that has a great and loving mother and a pregnant wife who is the mother to my 2 boys with a 3rd on the way. As I see multiple frustrated Reddit posts about unlevel beds, extrusion issues, and prints going otherwise awry; I think about how those inconveniences trifle in comparison to swollen feet, morning sickness, and 9 months of utter exhaustion.

So, what better way to honor these ultimate makers than with something heartfelt and made by us? There have been many posts over the last 10 years or so about the “Top 10 3D Printed Gifts for Mother’s Day” including this one from All3DP. At the core though, all of those articles are just inspiration for what you can do for your mom.

The ideas below are meant to inspire and spark a memory of a special connection with your mom. For example, my mom is really into beekeeping. I am planning to make something like this bee feeder and this honeycomb picture frame (with family pictures included, of course).

Hopefully, you can find something that fits the bill on Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory but otherwise take a look at making your own creation with Tinkercad. They are genuinely easy to use, and you can make your mom something that nobody else in the world has!

TSD is Now Included on EZPi

· 4 min read

The EZPi Pro V2

TH3D Studios's EZPi Pro V2 now comes with The Spaghetti Detective preinstalled, and is available as a secure plug-and-play octoprint setup if you're looking for one. It's been a pretty cool road getting here, though, and it started back in...

Wait, hold on, disclosures

The Spaghetti Detective and TH3D have no monetary relationship with each other. We and they both sponsor Octoprint, and there's a Teams chat where we ask each other questions we might have about each other's products and services, but no money changes hands between us and no links attached to this article are affiliate links.

I also own this one of their shirts in purple, but can you blame me?

Now on with the story.

As I was saying, it started back in

January of this year. Tim Hoogland, owner of TH3D, reached out that one of customers was trying to set up The Spaghetti Detective on an ezpi using their EZCam, it wasn't working for that customer, and he hoped to furnish whatever information we needed to troubleshoot and make sure our software worked with TH3D's camera.

Wade Norris of TSD suggested that, since TSD isn't in hardware and TH3D is, he "realize[d] this might be a really great collaboration opportunity." Tim agreed, saying "I think we can help each other out. I am working on a new image for our Pi kits, and one thing I could do is bundling your plugin in the Pi," asking if there were any OS-level customizations that would improve the TSD experience on EZPis, and we were off to the proverbial races.

But that's not really the beginning

An early perfboard EZABL from May 2017

Showcasing Your Prints and Announcing a Giveaway Winner

· 3 min read

For the past several weeks, since we announced the giveaway, The Spaghetti Detective's community has responded to the challenge with enthusiasm and creativity. More people than we ever expected printed Wekster's awesome model and tagged us and Wekster, and because we have such an involved, enthusiastic community, we have given out thousands of free Detective Hours. We love all of the prints, but after the jump are a few of my personal favorites, along with the winner announcement and winner selection process.

What Went Wrong (Debugging Failed Multicolor Prints, Part 1)

· 4 min read

The army of failed prints

There's a game I like called Dark Souls, made by From Software. It's an action RPG known for its difficulty, and it has spawned its own subgenre of games, though most imitators miss the most important part about Dark Souls: Everything that goes wrong, even if it's not your fault, went wrong for a reason you can learn from and avoid the next time. Every failure gets you better at the game. 3D printing is like that. As you see above, in the prints since my successful first print, I've had a lot of print failures. Let's go into why they failed, how I know how they failed, and how I fixed them.

Giveaway Update and a new Milestone Passed

· 3 min read
3/4 profile
Look at her glowy eyes!

A lot has happened since my last post. To start, on Sunday, March 7, we finally passed the thirty million Detective Hours milestone. The Detective has kept vigilant watch over your prints for almost 3,500 years of time. While she was busy watching your prints so that you don't have to, this is:

What you've been up to

You guys have been sharing a series of beautiful prints of The Detective on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we're floored by the response. Every day, there are new shares and we've got more Detective Hours to give away. Please keep it up - the usernames to tag are below, and we'll give you 200 free, never-expiring Detective Hours for every print you share where you tag Wekster and us.

What I've been up to

Five days ago, Wekster contacted me to let me know that he had split the bust model for full multicolor printing. Below, I've included zips of the STLs for the multicolor base and the new, fully multicolor detective.

Since then, I've been trying to print her. This is how that went:

Bringing The Detective to Life (and a Giveaway!)

· 3 min read

the finished model, by Wekster

We're excited to announce that there's a new 3D-printable model of The Spaghetti Detective available for printing, designed by the great Wekster (if you don't know him, check out his stuff. He designs some of the coolest models you can print). At the end of this blog post, there are links to download it and information about how you can get 200 free Detective Hours for printing it, sharing photos of your prints, and tagging us and Wekster. You might even win a whole year of Pro service on us. Share and enjoy!

How the model came to be

Two weeks ago, I contacted Kenneth Jiang, the creator of The Spaghetti Detective, and said that it would be cool to work with a 3D designer to make a 3D printable version of our mascot, The Detective. I'd been contributing code to The Spaghetti Detective infrequently for about a year, and over that time it's become indispensable to me, and I thought a sculpt would be a cool thing to give back to the community that helped it grow. Kenneth liked the idea and told me to run with it.

I reached out to Wekster and told him what I had in mind (a stylized, film noir-style sculpt of The Detective herself, with a silhouette similar to the logo), and he liked it and agreed to try. A few days later, he sent a concept he was toying with:

the first prototype

I was blown away; I couldn't look at TSD's logo anymore without seeing that haircut in her silhouette.

A couple prototypes and about a week later, he had a beautiful little bust that was support free, had the eyes and hat ribbon separated for multicolor (so I could print them glow-in-the-dark), and had a base ready with our logo:

the final design

The print

I wanted to print her in TSD's colors (black, white, and purple) and to make her eyes and hat ribbon glow in the dark so that, in appropriately noirish conditions, she'd look like our silhouette, a dark detective with glowing eyes and an upturned collar. For this, I chose FilamentPM's graphite black PLA for its dark glittery intrigue, Fusion Filaments' beautiful Plutonic Purple HTPLA for the bust (printed at a high temperature for extra sheen), and MatterHackers' blue glow in the dark PLA for the glowy bits. This is how she turned out:

The free Detective Hours

We will credit 200 free, non-expirable Detective Hours to anyone who prints out The Detective, post a picture or a time-lapse of her to a social platform of your choice (twitter, facebook, or instagram), and tags us and Weskter.

Here are the links you need:

The Spaghetti Detective twitter | Wekster's twitter

The Spaghetti Detective instagram | Wekster's instagram

The Spaghetti Detective facebook | Wekster's facebook

And make sure to check out Wekster's other stuff on patreon

The most exciting news

On March 20th, we will choose one print at random that we've been tagged in and upgrade the TSD account of whoever printed it to a free Pro account with UNLIMITED Detective Hours for the next 12 months. If you win and already have a Pro account, you can choose to gift this to a friend or a fellow maker.

Just give me the model already!


Singlecolor Bust

Multicolor Bust

The model was created by Weskter and is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.