Nozzle Ninja - First Layer AI

Stop worrying about the first layer of your 3D prints. Introducing Nozzle Ninja, Obicoโ€™s revolutionary First Layer AI Error Detection System, designed to help you ensure your prints start off perfectly every time.

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Why Nozzle Ninja?

The first layer is the foundation of any 3D print. Even minor flaws can lead to failed prints, wasted time, and materials. Nozzle Ninja uses advanced AI to meticulously monitor your first layer, identifying issues such as under-extrusion, over-extrusion, bed adhesion problems, warping, bubbling, and nozzle blobbing.


Real-time Insights and Immediate Feedback

  • Detailed Reports

    Receive comprehensive first layer reports directly in the Obico app, including grades and AI-generated timelapses that highlight potential issues.

Nozzle Ninja Gives You Real-time Insights and Immediate Feedback

  • Instant Notifications

    Stay informed with push notifications that give you a snapshot of your first layer and its grade, no matter where you are.

  • Email Updates

    Get first layer reports sent straight to your inbox, complete with detailed analysis and improvement suggestions.

How It Works?

Install Nozzle Camera

Install a compatible Nozzle Camera on your 3D printer.

Configure First Layer AI

Configure your nozzle camera to work with Nozzle Ninja.

Take It Easy

No more need to strain your neck watching the first layer. Weโ€™ve got it.

Compatible Nozzle Cameras

Mintion Nozzle Camera

Starting at $42.99.
Multiple configurations available.

3DO Nozzle Camera

Starting at approximately $50.
Many configurations available.

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