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Best Christmas Gifts to 3D Print for 2023

Β· 10 min read

As we step into the festive season of 2023, the search for the "Best Christmas Gifts to 3D Print" is on the minds of many readers and that is what brought you this article. We've compiled a list that marries innovation and heartfelt gifting by combining the spirit of the holidays with the cutting-edge world of 3D printing. These 3D printed creations promise to make your Christmas truly memorable, from unique home decor to tech-savvy surprises.

Whether you're an experienced 3D printing enthusiast or just getting started, our selection caters to all skill levels. Explore these inventive ideas for elevating your holiday season. Join us on this journey as we reveal the "Best Christmas Gifts to 3D Print for 2023," ensuring that your holiday celebrations are filled with creativity and joy.

Klipper Remote Access and AI for Makerbase

Β· 12 min read

Klipper Remote Access and AI for Makerbase using Obico

Are you looking to enhance your 3D printing experience by gaining remote access and AI-powered monitoring features for your Makerbase all-in-one motherboard? Look no further. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of installing Obico for Klipper, enabling you to enjoy remote access and AI monitoring capabilities on your Makerbase-based 3D printer.


The fusion of Makerbase all-in-one motherboards, Klipper firmware, and Obico's remote access and AI-powered capabilities represents a significant leap forward in the world of 3D printing. This guide is intended for users who have 3D printers equipped with Makerbase boards and want to harness the power of Klipper and Obico to streamline their printing experience.

Kingroon 3D Printer - Klipper Remote Access and AI

Β· 14 min read


Kingroon is a big name in 3D printing. They make great printers that many people love to use, both for fun and for work. One cool thing about their printers is that they come with pre-installed Klipper firmware. This makes the printers even better and faster.

Kingroon - Klipper Remote Access and AI

In this article, we'll talk about two Kingroon printers: the KLP1 and the KP3S Pro V2. We'll also show you how to connect them with Obico. This lets you use some neat features, like controlling your printer from far away and having AI help check on your prints.

Biqu Huraken - Klipper Remote Access and AI

Β· 11 min read


The world of 3D printing has evolved, and the Biqu Huraken stands at the forefront of innovation. In this guide, we will explore the Biqu Huraken 3D printer and its cutting-edge capabilities. Notably, we'll delve into the exciting possibilities of enabling remote access and AI monitoring through the integration of Obico.

Biqu Huraken - Klipper Remote Access and AI

Introduction to Biqu Huraken​

The Biqu Huraken is not your ordinary 3D printer. It's a state-of-the-art machine that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of 3D printing. With its exceptional features and advanced technology, it's a must-have for both enthusiasts and professionals.

OrcaSlicer: 3D Printer Calibration Features Deep Dive

Β· 13 min read

If you've been 3D printing for a while, you've likely heard about the importance of calibrating your printer. Print calibration improves your print quality, gives you consistent results, and also increases your overall productivity.

On the internet, you'll find several resources that help you calibrate your 3D prints. Michael from Teaching Tech has an entire library of tools to fine-tune your 3D prints. Thingiverse and Printables have an array of calibration prints as well.

However, OrcaSlicer brings all these tools in a single place. It gives you an easy way to access and use these calibration prints without downloading or anything. The slicer settings are already set, and all you need to do is hit Print!

In this article, we'll dive deep into OrcaSlicer's calibration Menu. We'll take a look at the various options it has and how you can use its calibration prints to fine-tune your 3D printing results.

Let's calibrate and create!

Qidi Tech X Series - Klipper remote access and AI

Β· 15 min read


Qidi Tech X Series - Klipper remote access and AI

A Deep Dive into Qidi Tech X Series​

The 3D printing world has seen a surge in innovative technologies, giving users more control, flexibility, and efficiency than ever before. A significant breakthrough in this domain is the Qidi Tech X Series. Renowned for their cutting-edge features, these 3D printers are optimized for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. As users continually seek ways to enhance their printing experiences, integrating remote access and AI functionalities has become increasingly crucial.

All models in the Qidi Tech X Series come integrated with the Klipper firmware. This means that users can now unlock a plethora of remote access and AI functionalities using Obico. By linking your 3D printer with Obico, you can monitor your prints in real-time from any location and leverage AI-driven insights to optimize your print quality. The upcoming sections in this article will provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to achieve this seamless integration.

Sovol SV07 Series - Klipper Remote Access and AI

Β· 12 min read


Welcome to the world of Sovol 3D printing and the exciting Sovol SV07 Series. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the Sovol SV07 Series, take you on a journey to meet the Sovol SV07, and explore the remarkable Sovol SV07 Plus. But that's not all; we'll also delve into the incredible power of remote access and AI monitoring features using Obico and how to link your printer with it.

Sovol SV07 Series - Klipper remote access and AI

Introducing the Sovol SV07 Series​

The Sovol SV07 Series represents the pinnacle of 3D printing technology. These printers are designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and experts in the world of 3D printing. With their advanced features and innovative capabilities, Sovol SV07 Series printers offer an exceptional 3D printing experience.

Elegoo Neptune 4 Series - Klipper Remote Access

Β· 16 min read

Elegoo Neptune 4 Series

The Rise of Elegoo in the FDM World​

Elegoo, a name previously synonymous with high-quality resin printers, has embarked on a new journey in the realm of FDM printing with its Neptune 4 series. The world of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing has been evolving rapidly, and it’s not just the technology giants who are leading this transformation. Niche manufacturers like Elegoo have stepped into the arena, bringing innovative solutions and captivating designs. With the Neptune 4 series, Elegoo has successfully established a foothold, striking a balance between cost-efficiency, performance, and user-friendliness. It's no wonder that enthusiasts and professionals alike are keeping a close eye on Elegoo's latest offerings.

Overview of Klipper's Integration with 3D Printers​

Klipper, an open-source firmware solution, has revolutionized the way 3D printers operate. Rather than relying solely on the limited computational power of a printer's onboard microcontroller, Klipper collaborates with more powerful devices like Raspberry Pi to manage printer operations. The result? Enhanced performance, speed, and precision. The union of Klipper with Elegoo's Neptune 4 series is a testament to the future of 3D printing, offering users an enhanced printing experience. By leveraging the prowess of Klipper, users can enjoy faster print speeds without compromising on accuracy. Moreover, with the advent of remote access solutions like Obico, the possibilities of what one can achieve with Klipper and the Neptune 4 series are truly boundless. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the intricacies of remote access and explore the full potential of the Elegoo Neptune 4 series powered by Klipper and Obico.

Cool things to 3D Print in 2024

Β· 10 min read

If you're here, you're likely to own a 3D printer or at least have one at your disposal and you're on the hunt for the coolest things to 3D print in 2024. Well, you've come to the right place!

Just a disclaimer that β€˜cool’ is a very subjective term and while there can be many things that can be cool, we have created a list of gadgets and everyday tools that can simplify your life, to machines that inspire you and props that you would like to show off to your friends. We have listed a collection of a varied array of things to 3D print.

Whether you're a seasoned 3D printing pro or just starting out, prepare to be inspired by the fantastic projects and ideas that await you.

Creality Sonic Pad Remote Access

Β· 13 min read

Creality Sonic Pad Meets Obico - Klipper Remote Access and AI Failure Detection​

The Creality Sonic Pad and Obico converge to create a dynamic duo in the realm of 3D printing, each bringing unique capabilities to the table. While the Sonic Pad is recognized for its streamlined and user-friendly interface, it has been noted for having certain limitations, particularly in the realm of remote management features. On the other hand, Obico emerges as a pioneering technology, notably recognized for its AI-driven capabilities in 3D printing management, offering users the ability to remotely operate and monitor their 3D printing tasks. The intersection of these two technologies could potentially unlock new possibilities, combining the user-friendly interface of Sonic Pad with the advanced remote management and monitoring capabilities of Obico.

The Significance of Remote Management in 3D Printing​

Remote management in 3D printing is pivotal in enhancing the user experience and optimizing the printing process. It allows users to monitor, control, and adjust their 3D printing tasks from anywhere, providing flexibility and ensuring that the printing process is not hindered by physical presence requirements. This is particularly crucial in managing long printing tasks, where continuous monitoring can be labor-intensive. Remote management also enables users to promptly address any issues or failures during the printing process, thereby reducing the risk of material wastage and ensuring the efficient utilization of resources. Furthermore, it opens the door to managing multiple 3D printing tasks across various locations, paving the way for scalability and mass production in 3D printing ventures.