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My apologies for the stupid and selfish mistake I made and the harm I have caused

· 2 min read

I'm writing this post to apologize to Gina Häußge, one of the most important and respectable person in 3D-printing community, as well as to the OctoPrint community for the stupid and selfish mistake I made and the harm I have caused:

I created a script to manipulate the OctoPrint stats to boost the ranking of Obico for OctoPrint plugin, probably back in 2022, after having some suspicion that OE was doing that.

I have left the script on auto-pilot for a long time now since Obico pivoted to working on the nozzle camera AI early 2023. When Gina told me about what she found out about OE, I should have had the gut and ownership to make this confession at that time. I guess I was feeling opportunistic since I was quite sure the script had been long dead.

But this is not an excuse for not being forthcoming with you and betraying your trust. Nor does it serve any justification for the stat manipulation script. I did the wrong thing. By doing so, I caused a harm to the OctoPrint community, as well as exhorted an emotional toll on Gina, the one I respect the most in the 3D printing community. And I should bear the consequences.

I have now made sure the script is truly stopped. And I'll be happy to work with you to make it right for the community.

My sincere apologies again for such a stupid and selfish mistake.