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Troubleshoot issues using the log file

The log file is usually located in the folder ~/printer_data/logs/. The name of the log file is usually moonraker-obico.log. If you have multiple Moonraker running, the file name will be moonraker-obico-xxxx.log. The -xxxx part is the port of your Moonraker service listens on. You will need to look for the log file that is corresponding to their own ports.

If the log file doesn't provide enough info for you to find the root cause of the issue, it can often be very helpful to change the logging level to DEBUG. Follow this guide for detailed instructions. Don't forget to restart the moonraker-obico service after the change.


You need to restart the printer or Raspberry Pi for any change to take effect.


When you set the logging level to DEBUG, the log file will become very large quickly.

Download the log file to view it

If you are using Mainsail

  1. Go to the "MACHINE" tab in the Mainsail UI. Select "Logs" from the dropdown.

  2. Locate the moonraker-obico.log file.

  3. Select the file and click the download button.

If you are using Fluidd

  1. Go to the "Configuration" tab in the Fluidd UI.

  2. Locate the moonraker-obico.log file.

  3. Right click the file and select "Download".