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I want to help The Detective get better at her job. How can I do it?

Glad that you asked.

Like we said, The Detective makes mistakes. The primary reason why she makes these mistakes is that she hasn't seen enough prints to know for sure what are good prints and what are, uh, spaghetti. You can help The Detective get better at it by showing her the examples of failed prints and good ones.

The most effective way to show The Detective the examples is the Focused Feedback.

This is how Focused Feedback works - For the print in which The Detective found "interesting things", she takes snapshots. After the print is done, you can come back to review these snapshots and tell The Detective if what she found was real spaghetti, well, not real real spaghetti the food - but I'm sure you know what I mean.

"Cool! I want to give the Focused Feedback! Where can I find it?"

The Focused Feedback is available on the TIME-LAPSE page. Look for the big "Focused Feedback" button as shown below:

Focused Feedback button

Once you are in, the Focused Feedback will walk you through all the snapshots The Detective found "interesting". For each of these snapshots, please choose one of the 3 options:

  • Yes, I do see spaghetti. Please choose this option if you see any traces of spaghetti, including the ones under the print bed, or on the table surface next to your print, as long as they are captured in the snapshot. Here are some examples of spaghetti.
  • No, I do NOT see ANY spaghetti. Again, if there is any spaghetti in the snapshot, no matter where it is, you should select the 1st option, not this one.
  • Hmmmm, I am not sure. You should rarely select this option. Whenever you feel tempted to select this option, you may want to look at the examples of spaghetti and try to select one of first 2 options.

Focused Feedback options

You need to grant permission to Obico team to review your time-lapse

Before you can start the Focused Feedback for a print, you will need to grant The Spaghetti Detective team the permission to review your time-lapse.

Once granted, The Spaghetti Detective team will have the option to review this particular time-lapse (but not any other time-lapse that you didn't grant permission for), and the Focused Feedback you gave.

This is necessary because we want to ensure that all Obico users use consistent criteria in these Focused Feedbacks. The Focused Feedbacks users give us will serve as the most important input to train (teach) The Detective's AI. If The Detective receives inconsistent input from different users, she will be confused and make the wrong calls more often.

You earn AI Detection Hours for giving Focused Feedback

Every time you finish a Focused Feedback, you will earn two AI Detection Hours. The reward is indicated by this icon: AI Detection Hour.


AI Detection Hour is sometimes abbreviated as DH.


Learn more about how AI Detection Hour works.

The more Focused Feedback you give to The Detective, the more free AI Detection Hours you will get rewarded with, which can be used to get The Detective to watch more of your prints, which can then be turned into Focused Feedbacks and help The Detective get better. The power coming from infinite self-improving cycle is why The Spaghetti Detective has become one of the most vibrant 3D printing communities in the world!


Why is the "Focused Feedback" button missing from some of my prints?

It is because you can't give the Focused Feedback for that particular print. There are a few reasons why this is so:

  • The option "Enable AI failure detection" is turned off for the print. This is the most common reason why the Focused Feedback is not available for a print.
  • Sometimes The Detective simply didn't see anything "interesting" throughout the print (which, by the way, usually means it's an impeccable print and hence a good thing for you). Therefore there are nothing to give the Focused Feedback on.
  • The Focused Feedback is only available for 30 days. After 30 days, the snapshots will be removed from the system if you have not given feedback to them.

Can I give the Focused Feedback for the time-lapse videos I uploaded?

Yes, eventually. But we have not implemented the Focused Feedback for uploaded time-lapse videos. Please wait for a few more weeks and it'll be available to you.

Spaghetti examples

We get it. Some times it can be tricky to make the call. Here are some examples for what should be considered as "spaghetti".