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Other ways to help The Detective improve

In addition to Focused Feedback, there are a few other ways to help The Detective, which are listed below:

Focused Feedback takes some time to finish. If you are in a rush, you can simply go to the TIME-LAPSE page and give her a quick or .

For instance, if The Detective claims that she has found spaghetti for a print, but the print was actually flawless, you should give her a big . However, if the print did have some problem, even if it didn't completely fail, you should give her a .

Upload your own time-lapse videos

The more The Detective sees, the better she gets. That's why it'll help her tremendously if you upload time-lapse videos for her to look at. For instance, there are probably a lot of time-lapse videos sitting in your OctoPrint's Timelapse folder - upload them all!

To upload your own time-lapse videos, go to the TIME-LAPSE page and click on the button with an upload icon.

Once you are on the upload page, drop as many time-lapse video files as you want to contribute. Once they are successfully uploaded, The Detective will tell you that she is busy looking at them. You can close the page at that time. The Detective will send you an email when she is done looking at the time-lapse videos you uploaded, and it may take a while.


Does it cost my AI Detection Hours?

No. The time The Detective spends on looking at your uploaded time-lapse videos is completely on the house. :)

I am running my own private Obico server. Do the time-lapse videos on my server get uploaded to Obico cloud automatically?

No! We understand that nobody wants to get their videos uploaded without a proper consent. The time-lapse videos will safely stay in your private server. Of course, if you want to get back to Obico community by uploading these videos, you are always welcome!