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First Layer AI Slicer Configuration (For Klipper Users Only)


Slicer configuration is only required for Klipper. If you are running OctoPrint, you do not need to make any slicer changed

Celestrius will watch your print during the first layer to make sure nothing fishy like poor adhesion, under/over extrusion, blobbing and other issues are present. After the first layer is completed, you will get an email with a report card on your first layer.

In order to make this work, Celestrius needs to be able to know when the first layer is printing and when it finishes. To make this happen, you'll need to adjust your slicer to tell it to pass along the layer information within the G-code file.

Choose your slicer below and make the changes detailed in the section for your slicer

1. Open PrusaSlicer
  1. Go to the Print Settings tab.

  2. Click Custom G-Code

  3. Add the following to the top of the Start G-code section (before other start G-code): SET_PRINT_STATS_INFO TOTAL_LAYER=[total_layer_count]

  4. Add the following after the last line of the End G-code: ; total layers count = [total_layer_count]

  5. Add the following to After Layer Change G-code: SET_PRINT_STATS_INFO CURRENT_LAYER={layer_num + 1}

Be sure to save the settings to your printer profile so they will be re-used for the duration of the Celestrius Alpha Testing