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3D Printing for Mother’s Day

· 3 min read

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Mothers are, ultimately, the best “makers” on this planet. I write this from the vantage point of a man that has a great and loving mother and a pregnant wife who is the mother to my 2 boys with a 3rd on the way. As I see multiple frustrated Reddit posts about unlevel beds, extrusion issues, and prints going otherwise awry; I think about how those inconveniences trifle in comparison to swollen feet, morning sickness, and 9 months of utter exhaustion.

So, what better way to honor these ultimate makers than with something heartfelt and made by us? There have been many posts over the last 10 years or so about the “Top 10 3D Printed Gifts for Mother’s Day” including this one from All3DP. At the core though, all of those articles are just inspiration for what you can do for your mom.

The ideas below are meant to inspire and spark a memory of a special connection with your mom. For example, my mom is really into beekeeping. I am planning to make something like this bee feeder and this honeycomb picture frame (with family pictures included, of course).

Hopefully, you can find something that fits the bill on Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory but otherwise take a look at making your own creation with Tinkercad. They are genuinely easy to use, and you can make your mom something that nobody else in the world has!