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How to Buy A Raspberry Pi in 2022

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As you may have noticed, it can be hard to buy a Raspberry Pi at the moment. In this article, we will share some places where we have seen success purchasing a Raspberry pi without paying the astronomical prices seen on secondary retailers like Amazon. Today, many of them are over $100 for just the board and over $200 for a kit!

RPi Locator

Rpi Locatorโ€‹

Created by DPhacks, the RPI locator scrapes all of the most popular websites selling pi's to help you grab one before the bots buy them all up. If you are in the market for a Raspberry Pi, I would strongly suggest keeping your eye on this website as they do become available, but they tend to sell out within minutes.


For the past few months Adafruit has released a select number of Raspberry Pi 4's with 2gb ram every week on Wednesday. I am not sure how many units tend to be available weekly, but it has always been more than 100. Those 100 pi's tend to sell out within minutes though. And in this day and age, resellers are running rampant trying to snatch up all of the available pi's, so Adafruit has started to require 2-factor authentication in order to purchase a Pi. Be sure to enable it ahead of time. I also recommend entering your credit card and shipping information ahead early so you are ready when the Pi's become available.

Model: Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

Price: $45



At the time of writing, Digikey is selling Raspberry Pi 4 8GB units on backorder. You can place an order today to get a spot in the que. You won't be charged until your Raspberry Pi is ready to ship, so you don't have to shell out the money way ahead of time.

Model: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

Price: $75.00


Kubii is another company that I have not personally purchased from, but they seem to be a reputable retailer out of France. It looks like they may only ship to France, Spain and Italy, but this has not been verified. Kubii currently has Raspberry Pi 4 2GB in stock but there is no guarantee they will be there for long.

Model: Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

Price: $48.02

Pi Shop

Pi Shopโ€‹

The American Raspberry Pi shop has been my go to for getting Raspberry Pi's the past few months. The Pi Shop has Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB Starter kits available for $99.95. While the kit does include some items that you don't technically need, it also includes a USB-C Power supply a set of heatsinks, a 32GB SD card, and a SD card reader. Getting all that for $99.95 is still a far better deal than most non-kits being sold through secondary markets.

The Pi Shop usually has budget Raspberry Pi 4 2GB kits available for $90, but at the time of writing, those are not available. Keep an eye out for them though as they do come back in stock frequently.I have been able to get more than five of these kits over the past few months.

Model: Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Starter Kit

Price: $99.95)