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Upgrading The Spaghetti Detective mobile app to Obico

ยท One min read

As some of you might be aware at this time, The Spaghetti Detective is now Obico.

If you have previously installed The Spaghetti Detective mobile app, we have made moving to Obico extremely easy for you.

  • If you have your phone settings to automatically update all apps, you don't have to do anything. When your phone update The Spaghetti Detective mobile app to the latest version, it'll change it to the Obico app! You don't even have to log in again!

So when you see the new Obico app icon on your phone, don't be surprised!

  • If you don't have the automatic app update enabled, follow these 2 simple steps:
    1. Delete The Spaghetti Detective app from your phone.
    2. Open the app store on your phone. Find the "Obico" app and install it. You will have to login in with your The Spaghetti Detective login credentials.