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Give The Detective the Focused Feedback Because It Is More Helpful!

ยท 3 min read

We have made some important changes to how you can help The Detective get better at her job:

  1. We launched a new feature called the "Focused Feedback". As the name implies, you tell The Detective if she got things right in a more "focused" way - snapshot by snapshot, rather than time-lapse by time-lapse.
  2. Every time you finish a Focused Feedback, you will earn 2 Detective Hours!
  3. You can, and should still give feedback at the overall time-lapse level. However, you will no longer earn Detective Hours from doing so. Instead, you are highly encouraged to give the Focused Feedback to earn Detective Hours.
  4. Similarly, you can still upload your own time-lapses to help The Detective learn but you will no longer earn Detective Hours from doing so. Of course you can also give the Focused Feedback on the time-lapses you upload (will be implemented in a couple weeks).

Why did we make these changes?โ€‹

We made these changes simply because the Focused Feedback is a much more effective way to help The Detective improve than the feedback on print-by-print basis.

We have received a lot of feedback from our users it can be pretty confusing to give the feedback on a print time-lapse. For instance, a print may have significant amount of spaghetti but manages to finish. It is technically not a "failed print", so many users would tell The Detective this print has succeeded. However this only serves to confuse her, especially when she is confident that she has seen spaghetti in the print.

As a result, although our users have given The Detective mountains of feedback (thank you!), we have observed the phenomenon that The Detective make progress by learning from a few tricks, only to a few steps back because she is taught to unlearn the bulk of them.

Now with the Focused Feedback, things become a lot more cut and dried. When you can see any traces of spaghetti on a snapshot, you indicate so to The Detective. Otherwise just tell her there is nothing "interesting" there. It is a much easier call for you. And it's a lot less confusing to The Detective too.

The only down side of the Focused Feedback is that for each print, there may be multiple "interesting" snapshots The Detective wants you to review, and it may take quite a few mouse clicks to finish a Focused Feedback. And that is also why we decided to reward you with 2 Detective Hours, instead of 1, when you finish a Focused Feedback.

To get more details about the Focused Feedback, head to this help doc.โ€‹