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10 Million Hours That Demonstrate Maker's Heroic Fights Against COVID-19

ยท 4 min read

In just a couple of days, the number of hours that The Detective has watched will cross the 10-Million mark.

This incredible milestone, first and foremost, is a clear demonstration of the heroic actions taken by the makers around the world to fight against COVID-19. In the past two months, TSD users have been printing Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) days and nights. The daily print hours on TSD has more than doubled.

This milestone is also the direct result of TSD's contribution to this collective fight against COVID-19. Yes it costs us significant amount to serve those hours, but as a member of the 3D printing community, we want to help out since we are lucky enough to be doing just fine during the time of this pandemic.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, as well as to give our users some dopamine while we are all stuck home, we will give away some goodies and prizes.

Goodies? I like that! Tell me more!โ€‹

Sure! By the end of the month, we will start sending these goodies to our users:

  • 500 Detective Hours for every Shop Plan subscriber.
  • 250 Detective Hours for every Pro Plan subscriber.
  • 25 Detective Hours for every free user.

You can check your Detective Hours log for the record of "Credit | 10M-hour giveaway" after May 1st to make sure you get it.

How about the prizes?โ€‹

Ah yes - the dopamine!

We will give away 50 prizes:

  • Free 1 year Pro account (limit 25). Claim it with coupon code FIRSTBILLFREE

    Your first bill is on us! If you choose annual plan (why not!), that's a full year of FREE Pro account! No limit on the number of printers or which DH Pack you choose. This prize is available to only the first 25 subscribers who claim it.

  • 50% off Pro account forever (limit 25). Claim it with coupon code 50PERCENTOFF

    You will get 50% off forever, as long as you keep your subscription active. No limit on the number of printers or which DH Pack you choose. This prize is available to only the first 25 subscribers who claim it.

Here is the fun part - since they are prizes, you will need to work to win it. These coupon codes won't be activated until the very minute when we cross the 10-Million-hour mark. So mark sure you keep an eye on the web page when it's getting close and act quickly to claim the coupon code as soon as we cross the mark!

When will we cross the mark?โ€‹

Smart question! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is the hint: it is projected to happen some time between 8am and 10pm on April 29th GMT.

Where can I see the current number of total watched hours?โ€‹

It is updated in real time on The Spaghetti Detective website.

How do I claim the coupon code?โ€‹

  1. When you are at the checkout page, click "Apply coupon" link.
  2. Enter the coupon code, and click the arrow on the right-hand side to apply it.
  3. Click "Proceed to checkout" and finish the checkout process. The coupon code is not claimed until the checkout process is completed.

I see "Invalid Coupon Code" when I try to claim the coupon!โ€‹

It means you were either a little too early and the coupon code has not be activated yet; or just a little too late and the number of claimed coupons has reached its limit. Maybe next time...

How long will it take to reach the coupon limits?โ€‹

Another smart question! But we really don't know the answer. Our gut feeling says it'll probably take a few hours before both coupons reach their limit. But it really depends on how quickly other users act. So don't blame us if you come a few hours late and can't get it...

Thank you for being an awesome TSD user. It's been our privilege to serve these 10-Million hours for you!

The Detective Team