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3D Printing makers acting to help the world fight against COVID-19

ยท 4 min read

3D printing hobbyists in The Spaghetti Detective community banded together to print PPEs for healthcare workers in their local community to help them fight COVID-19.

3D printing and virus are two things that usually don't intersect. But now when the world is upended by the coronavirus crisis, they do - in a way that not many people would expect.

The Spaghetti Detective is a 3D printing platform with tens of thousands of active 3D printing hobbyists.

When the coronavirus is attacking, they act together to save the world.

How? By designing and 3D printing thousands and thousands of face shields and masks and donate them to hospitals and healthcare workers who are in separate need of protective equipments; or by 3D printing things like door opener for touchless operation; or by simply showing gratitude to people who are fighting on the front lines.

Update on 04/05/2020: Since the start of the pandemic, TSD users have more than doubled the hours they print every day. This graph tells it all:

If you have a 3D printer, put it to good use by joining tens of thousands of us in the fight against coronavirus. If everyone one of us prints 10 face shields or masks a day, we will have an unmatched capacity of producing millions of protective gears in a very short amount of time.

Join us in this banded effort!

Get in actionโ€‹

Check out resource sharing spreadsheet to find out more about how you can help!

Have some ideas or questions? Join other TSD users in this forum to exchange notes and brain-storm.

TSD will pitch in to cheer you on. Send us email with pictures for what you are printing, and we will give you 2000 Detective Hours if you have a Pro account, or 2 unlimited months if you have a free account.

Get startedโ€‹

Here are a list of links for all the things people are printing to get you started:

Get inspiredโ€‹

These are just some of the pictures about what TSD uses are doing to help their community. It's so inspiring to see how people jump into action spontaneously. Look at these pictures and get inspired!