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We Screwed Up And Got The Pricing Wrong

ยท 2 min read

We screwed up. Quite badly. We did the math wrong when we tried to calculate the cost of hosting TSD servers, and we underestimated the cost to serve webcam streaming by 50%.

The price we set for Pro plan was way too low to even cover the cost of servers and network bandwidth. Throwing in other miscellaneous items such as the cost to send emails and text, we were unfortunately not on a healthy path to keeping the lights on for everyone who loves TSD but doesn't want the hassle to run a private server.

Therefore, as much as we want to make TSD affordable for everyone, we had to make a tough decision to raise our price for Pro plan. The good news is that significantly more users than we expected subscribed to the Pro and Shop plans. As the result, we only need to raise the prices by about 25% to fill the gap.

The new pricing will take effect on December 16th, 2019.

The new pricing compared to the current pricingโ€‹

Current priceNew price starting December 16th, 2019
Pro base plan (1st printer included). Billed monthly.$4.5/month$5.5/month ($1/month increase)
Pro base plan (1st printer included). Billed annually.$3/month$4/month ($1/month increase)
Each additional printer. Billed monthly.$2.25/month$2.75/month ($0.5/month increase)
Each additional printer. Billed annually.$1.5/month$2/month ($0.5/month increase)

Note: Prices for Detective Hour Packs will NOT change.

Existing subscriptions on or before December 15th will be grandfathered into current pricingโ€‹

We wholeheartedly appreciate all the Pro and Shop subscribers for supporting TSD. We want to reciprocate with grandfathering (locking) your subscription into current pricing. The price on your next bill, and all subsequent bills, will NOT change1.

This price lock-in will apply to all subscriptions that are activated on or before December 15th, 2019.

  1. The price lock-in will expire when the subscription ends.โ†ฉ