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Adjust advanced webcam settings

If you just want to adjust the resolution and frame rate, you should check out this guide.

If you want to learn about adjusting advanced webcam settings, such as auto focus, read on.


Adjusting advanced webcam settings may result in an excessive amount of CPU usage and potentially print quality issues.

Make sure the webcam is not in the Premium Streaming (advanced mode)"

  1. Follow this guide to check the webcam streaming mode.
  1. If the streaming mode is "premium (advanced)", change the compatibility mode to "always". Otherwise, skip to changing the webcam settings.

  2. Restart the Raspberry Pi (only if you have changed the compatibility mode in the previous step).

  3. Check the streaming mode again to make sure it's now in "Premium (compatibility)" or "Basic" mode.

Change the webcam settings

When the webcam streaming is in "Basic" mode, or "Premium (compatibility)" mode, The Spaghetti Detective plugin won't change the resolution or the frame rate. Instead, they are set by the OctoPrint's original streaming process before The Spaghetti Detective plugin was installed.

  • If you have set up OctoPrint using the official OctoPi image, head to this OctoPrint help document to learn about adjusting the advanced settings.

  • If you have replaced the original OctoPrint streaming process with a custom one, such as an IP Camera, you need to refer to the user manual of your custom streaming process to find out how you can adjust the settings.


If you are running OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, and you haven't changed the original streaming process, the OctoPrint's built-in streaming program is called "mjpeg-streamer".