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Help Fellow Makers and Get Rewarded with Detective Hours

· 3 min read

If you didn't know, The Spaghetti Detective has a wonderful Discord forum filled with some really bright people. Many TSD users have been spending their time in the forum to help each other out.

To acknowledge time and effort these helpful community members have contributed, we have recently implemented a Discord bot. The bot will take notice anytime when a forum member is thanking another one for the help provided.

When you are thanked by other members a few times, you will get rewarded with some Detective Hours for your contribution. Read on to know how it works.

How does the thank you system work?

Whenever another memeber in the Discord forum helped you, whether it be with The Spaghetti Detective, a private server, or just general 3D Printing, please thank that member using one of the 2 ways:

1. Type Thank you @xxx or Thanks @xxx in the chat. @xxx is whom you want to thank.

thank you #1

1. Reply to the comment that helped you, and type Thank you or Thanks in your reply.

thank you #2

Help Reputation? Tell me more?

For every time that you are thanked by another member in the Discord forum, you will earn 1 Help Reputation, which will be added to your lifetime Help Reputation.

You can view your own Help Reputation by running %rep in the bot-spam channel on Discord.

thank you #3

If you want to see the Leaderboard, run %toprep in the bot-spam channel on Discord.

thank you #4

Ok, so then what are the rewards?

Every time that you acheive an increment of 5 Help Reputations, you will be rewarded with 200 free, non-expirable Detective Hours! And there is no limit on how many Detective Hours you can earn. Nothing feels better than earning free Detective Hours while helping your fellow makers!

Now I have 5 Help Reputations, what should I do to get the reward?

Nothing. We will reach out to you in a Private Message to ask for the email address of your The Spaghetti Detective account, so that we can credit the free Detective Hours to your account. Once we know which The Spaghetti Detective account is yours, 200 non-expirable Detective Hours will magically appear in your account no later than 7 days after you reach every increment of 5 Help Reputations. Additionally, once you reach 10 Help Reputation, you will be awarded the “Helper” role on the Discord forum!

I’ve made it to 10 Help Reputation, what happens now?

In addition to your normal 200 DH reward, you will also receive the “Helper” role in the Discord forum! You will get your Discord name highlighted in the Member List sidebar, and have it glow in brilliant green for all to see!

What is the rewards system about?

The Spaghetti Detective has grown hugely in popularity since it was first created, but we are all humans, and it isn't perfect. People who can help others, primarily on the Discord server are extremely valuable to The Spaghetti Detective team, and it just helps out users getting started as easily as possible. As a "thank you" to all people who do in fact help out, this reward system has been created.

Anything else I should know?

Right now, that's all there is to it, if you can help out, you can get rewarded, and eventually get the fancy role, but this is still a work in progress and there will likely be more to come in the future. (Possible enhancements/add-ons to the role system?)